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Developing Your Child In a Loving Environment

About Us

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We believe in an early childhood education and care program that provides a developmental environment that will facilitate social, emotional, physical, academic, and creative growth through Language, Science, Math Readiness Activities, Music, Art, Dramatic Play, Story Time, and Outdoor Play.

We believe that each child is a unique individual with special abilities and needs. We value each and everyone’s diversity and celebrate our differences.

We believe that nurturing a positive self-image in early childhood will lay the foundation for success in all areas of development.


It is our goal to provide a nurturing, caring, safe environment while encouraging growth in all areas of development by:

  • Providing guidance during structured activities and allowing individual free expression in unstructured activities.
  • Developing a positive self-image through experiences geared toward success.
  • Teaching and modeling values and social skills such as self-control, problem solving, manners, sharing, empathy, respect, and obeying rules, through the use of developmentally appropriate guidance and discipline techniques.